Monday, February 2, 2009

The Paradox of life

I found it very interesting that the "woman" (so far she has chosen not to reveal her name) who recently gave birth to octuplets already had six children who were living with her and her parents. Now this young woman, 33 years of age, after being a single mom with six children chose to have another procedure through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to bring into the world more children. Several embryos that were produced through IVF were selected and implanted in the woman's womb, and then in the 12th week of her pregnancy she "was counseled about the risks of the multiple pregnancy" and offered the option of selective reduction (another term for ABORTION). The woman wisely (perhaps for the first time) refused to have any of her babies killed and she continued with the pregnancy. Finally after expecting 7 babies, eight actually came out.

First, let me say something about this woman. It is obvious that this woman has a very serious mental or affective problem. How is it possible that a woman already with six children, not married, raising kids on her own with the assistance of her parents, still wishes to have more kids? Is that responsible parenthood? Her mother has said in the interviews that her daughter has been "obsessed" with the desire to have children since she was a teenager and has brought into existence all her children through IVF. So it is obvious that there is something wrong with her. Furthermore the woman and the clinic chose multiple implantations of embryos conceived through IVF. Once again, we have a troubled woman making a couple of very poor decisions: the first one was to choose IVF as a way to conceive children which is an immoral means (read the next posting on IVF), and second was to choose to have multiple implantations. The only smart decision this woman made so far was not to recur to selective abortion procedures to eliminate some of her children. So there is great joy for the conception and birth of the children, but great sadness for the means and the lack of total responsibility on the part of the parents (and that includes the woman as well as the sperm donor).

The paradox of life here is that in a culture that idolizes free choice and even death, and while many women choose to have abortions this woman chooses life at least during her pregnancy. I said during her pregnancy, because the truth of the matter is that usually when a person uses IVF some of the embryos that are produced are not implanted and are either discarded (aborted) or frozen. Even some of the implanted ones usually die naturally. So perhaps this woman even in her desire to have more children has perhaps eliminated consciously or unconsciously some of her own children. Many people that recur to IVF do not even realize this. This life is full of irony, but this happens when we do not respect the life of ALL human beings, when we value more our own choices than the dignity of other people, including the life of the embryo in all his/her stages.

Second, I would like to say something about the so called fertility doctors. The first question is if the doctors in fact tried to dissuade this woman from further impregnation after knowing that she already had six children and she was not married. Or was she simply one of her clients from whom they were used to get money to support their own business? It is true that the doctors are not in the business of telling people how many kids they are supposed to have, but certainly you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that there was something wrong with their patient either mentally or emotionally or both. In those cases you refer your patient to a competent physician or psychologist to address her issues first. Furthermore it is not stipulated that IVF is a health treatment that MUST be administered for the health of the patient. Even more irresponsible is the fact that the doctors chose to implant at least 8 embryos, perhaps even more in the woman, knowing that she would probably would not opt for selective abortions, and therefore putting this woman in danger of death, for such a pregnancy was not only a risk to the babies (who have a certain chance to implant), but also to the mother. What is wrong with these doctors? Are they simply in the business of making money or are they concerned in the least for the well being of their patients (the mother and the babies)? Of course the answer is a clear and resounding NO!
We live in such a crazy society, and this is what happens when people do not hear God's Word speaking to them, we continue to do as we wish, we continue to harden our hearts, we continue to sin and we continue to destroy each other. May God have mercy on us!


  1. I thought the woman having 8 was a good story until I've learned of the details...

    This is an example of grave abuse, I can not agree with her decision to use IVF

  2. The most reasoned account of this story that I've read. And, yes, my first thought when I heard she had six other children and no husband was, oh, what a tangled web we weave ... what WERE those doctors thinking!

  3. From what I have heard she has since hired a publicist for a book deal and a movie. Thought I would share.

  4. that woman is a mess. And now she wants to write a book? She is going to need the money to raise her 14 children.

  5. all I can say tax payes in California start paying for these children, her other children, herself and her parents.

  6. Dear Father,
    Many poor decisions were made that led to the unfortunate situation now before us. More information regarding the IVF, birth etc.. has been made public and clearly the woman needs a mental evaluation and the IVF Doctor (NOT THE SAME AS THE team that delivered the babies) also needs profesiional reprimand. However, Father, where are the pro-life supporters for this woman?

  7. Another troublesome reality of situations like this, is that there are grandparents out there who will never even see or get to know some of their own grandchildren, because of their own children's unwise choice to have their seed and eggs donated into a general pool..... Children willfully created without real roots and without real family relations: how very, very sad for everyone concerned!

    My question is: To sell seed to infertile people and to create babies for them for payment, surely are in reality forms of prostitution, as is surrogacy? Should we not rather be at peace with what we have, even if we cannot have a child in a natural way? There are so many orphans that need loving homes.

    Also wondering about how many perverts are going to make use if this to make babies to use and abuse themselves and even to sell to others as sex-slaves?