Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The anti-Catholic Bill in Connecticut: Bill 1098

As we know there is a proposed Bill 1098 before the Judiciary Committee which proposes to modify "corporate laws" for certain religious institutions", namely the Catholic Church. The Bill has been advanced by so called Catholics, members of the dissident group Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), that have as their real aim the destruction of the Church. The Bill oddly disregards the principle for separation of Church and State and is a meddling of the state in the affairs of the Chruch that interferes with the way the Church is administered and governed. In fact is an attempt also by the state to change the laws of Canon law within the Church that determine clearly how the temporal goods of the Church have to be administered. The saddest thing about this is that those people who are actually promoting this anti-Catholic Bill dare to call themselves Catholics. The website of the VOTF has tried to state more clearly their identity in the last couple of years, and now their site clearly state that their main objectives are " protecting children, to embrace an agenda aimed at reducing the power of the hierarchy, eliminating a celibate priesthood and introducing female priests." This comes as a no surprise to anybody who has seen what VOTF has done in the past years. Such dissident group has now been able to orchestrate a frontal attack on the Church that it is clearly of demonic origin and joins the ranks of other corporate structures that aim at destroying the Church in one way or another. The proposed legislation, S.B. 1098, aims to reorganize the internal structure of the Church, removing the bishop as the head of the board of the parishes in his diocese and requiring the pastor to report finances to a board composed of laity, instead of the bishop. Under the bill, the bishop is also relegated to being an "ex officio" member of the board, without voting rights. Anthony Picarello, General Counsel of the U.S. Conference of Bishops has described the bill as “blatantly unconstitutional” since it “targets the Catholic Church explicitly and exclusively, and attempts to use the civil law to alter Church governance.” We Catholics must pray that the smoke of Satan that hovers over the Church may be dispelled, and we must also express our opinion against such blatant attack on the Church by contacting the Judiciary through the following link provided by the Family Institute:

For more information about the Bill and the Church's view about this bill check this link:
This is a link that shows how VOTF has been ivolved

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  1. it is sad that there are people who refuse to believe n amend their evil life style. Until death come their way, then it is too late to turn back to God. There are so many saints n normal people that have seen the depth of helll,purgatory, and Heaven but a lot of people refuse to believe. There is a saying " blessing are those who do not see but believe"