Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let us NOT FORGET the MIRACLE IN MEXICO, Swine Flu under Control

On Sunday April 26th the Catholic Church took out in solemn procession throughout the streets of Mexico City the statue of the Christ of Health (El Cristo de la Salud). Sources indicated that the famous statue had not been taken to the streets for about 150 years, since a cholera outbreak scourged the Capital of Mexico in the 1850s. At that time Christ performed the miracle and stopped the outbreak. In a similar manner now in 2009, the MIRACLE has being performed once again by the same Jesus who is alive and risen. On April the 26th the city was overwhelmed with terror and fear, deaths were on the rise and the Church wisely asked the people to pray to the Lord of health for mercy and healing. After the procession, the statue of the Christ of Health was taken to the Cathedral of Mexico, where it was placed in a prominent place within it, at the Altar of Forgiveness, and invitation to the people of Mexico to seek reconciliation with God and implore His Mercy. The prayers of the people have been heard and the MIRACLE WAS PERFORMED by Jesus, and now the outbreak is under control and life in Mexico City is going back to normality. However, nobody seems to give credit to God for what has taken place, He who is the source of all life and healing, and people are simply going back to their lives without a real sense of understanding of the magnitude of the Miracle that has been accomplished in their midst, where the Mercy of God has been quickly showered upon the Mexican People and avoided a potentially tragic situation for Mexico and for the rest of the world. I must add that in addition to the procession of the Christ of Health, the Cardinal of Mexico also celebrated Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and asked her also to intercede for the people of Mexico and spare them from a tragedy. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SPARING THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO AND THE WHOLE WORLD from a potentially tragic situation. We pray for those who died, that God in His Mercy will grant them eternal rest. And THANK YOU also to Our Lady of Guadalupe for interceding for the people of Mexico and of the whole world and obtaining this amazing MIRACLE!!


  1. Deo Gratias, even though it's just another derivative of the flu, people die from the regular flu every year. I think it got blown out of proportion because it's not flu season at this point in the year :)...but nonetheless Deo Gratias God is great!

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  3. Praise Jesus for His great mercy!

  4. Thanks be to God!

    God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

  5. Your article is now listed on the Spirit Daily page:

    Praise be to God! Truly, truly, answered prayers!


  6. Dear Father,
    Not only did the Christ of Health was taken out in procession, but also people were asked to pray the rosary for the end of the epidemy, and over 2'000,000 rosaries were raised to the Lord for Mexico:
    God bless every believer who prayed for our health!

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