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In Vitro Fertilization IVF and Catholic Teaching

With the advent of the octuplets in Bellflower, California, just a few miles away from I live I am confronted with the need to remind people again about the immorality of In Vitro Fertilization IVF. Almost thirty years ago the birth of the first ‘test-tube baby’ to survive to full term was news internationally. The delivery of Louise Brown on 25 July, 1978 in Oldham, England as a result of IVF made medical history. And yet the Vatican raised its voice to warn that the event would have “grave consequences for humanity”. Now, thirty years afterwards, it is time to acknowledge that once again history has proven the Church right. The Catholic Church is not against reproductive technologies that respect the dignity of the human person. But it is against IVF precisely because it fails to respect the dignity of humans and also violates the sacredness of the sexual act and marriage itself. It is important to say at the outset that I recognize the ignorance that exists on this subject even among Catholics. It is also important to mention that any human being conceived through IVF is certainly a child of God and must be loved, respected, and protected. What are some of the problems with IVF then?
First of all, as we know babies engendered through IVF are treated as products rather than human beings. They are "produced" in the laboratory in a petri dish where the egg is fertilized with the sperm of the husband, most of the time with the sperm of a donor. In the case of the woman on California who has given birth to 14 children all of them conceived through IVF without being married we can see clearly many of the problems of IVF. Now women do not have to be married to conceive children, they can simply manufacture their own in the lab. In many case the characteristics of the donor are studied to select certain qualities that hopefully will be inherited by the offspring. There is a utilitarian mentality behind this that gives us the idea that we can create perhaps a better race or a better son or daughter with these specified traits. Children created through IVF are subject to Quality Control procedures and like any other "product" they are discarded (killed) when they do not meet the quality criteria. We must remember that all children regardless of how they were conceived are created in the image of God and they have to be loved.
Second, children conceived in IVF are not conceived from the conjugal embrace, they are not conceived out of an act of love, in fact the conjugal has been substituted by IVF. This is not in accordance with the dignity of human persons who must be engendered within an act of love and not simply lab manipulation. IVF does not help the conjugal act, it simply replaces it.
Third, to collect the sperm, most of the time the donor does it through masturbation, which is another immoral act.
Fourth, when sperm from a donor is used, this means, that the real father of the children is someone outside the marriage. This can create confusion in the child later, and in some cases even unplanned legal repercussions. In most cases the donor will remain unknown which can create problems in trying to trace congenital problems or illnesses that can affect that particular line of the family.
Fifth, when using IVF several embryos are created. Some of them will be implanted in the woman, and the rest will be discarded (another word for killed) or frozen. If they are killed this is a crime done in the name of fertility. If they are frozen, this is the most inhuman form of imprisonment of an innocent human person. Totally contrary to God's will.
Sixth, many of the unused embryos can also be "used" today for experimentation or as sources for embryonic stem cells. This implies the killing of the embryo, the taking of a human life in the name of science.
Seventh, at implantation several embryos are used, since it is likely that not all of them will survive after implantation. This is terrible since many of these embryos that do not succeed in the process of implantation will die inevitably due to the caprices of his/her parents. If all of them happen to implant or many of them succeed in implanting (like the case in Bellflower) then the woman is given the alternative to perform another procedure called selective reduction which basically is a selective abortion. How can we justify IVF at all? In Canada there was an interesting case, one woman gave birth to five children engendered by IVF, more than what she ever wanted. She had wanted only one, so she sued her doctor for "wrongful life," demanding that he pay for the cost of raising the four children she did not want.
Eighth, there is also the moral consideration of money. IVF can be quite expensive, especially if the procedure fails and has to be repeated.
Ninth, babies conceived through IVF have a MUCH higher chance of having physical and mental problems than children conceived naturally.
Tenth, every child has the right to be conceived within a marriage and to have a mother and a father, with IVF you open the door to all kinds of awkward possibilities, including not only single moms having children, but even lesbian couples now having and raising "their" own children. That would be another subject, but as we can see the twisted possibilities are simply on the rise.
This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to add more!


  1. "Every child has the right to be conceived within a marriage and to have a mother and a father"

    So true!

    I've injected sea urchin eggs in a petri dish using some of the same technology that's used with in vitro fertilization, and I've also frozen blood samples in the same kind of liquid nitrogen freezer that they use to freeze human embryos. When I think of treating humans the way I treat blood samples... it would feel incredibly wrong. Anyone with a decent conscience would shrink from doing such a thing.

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  2. This is a very informative article on a topic which I think Catholics are little edified on. You touched on so many important and thought-provoking points. There are those who truly want to follow the precepts of the Church, and this is a real eye-opener. Things related to this are so wide-spread that I think a great many of us at least know a person who has gone through such procedures. Personally I wish I could have read this article about 15 years ago; I would have been informed enough to give better advice. There always seems to be something one does not think of without the proper guidance of the Church. Thank God for priests like you, who, by His grace, seem recently to be coming more into view, educating their flocks in the light of divine moral truth. We need more of it. God bless and make your efforts fruitful!

  3. Alita you have said it all. The issue at hand is not really the IVF thing, but the ignorance that exist among Catholics and other christians, concerning the church's teaching and her point of argument against IVF. Many priests shy away from speaking the truth, so as to remain politically correct. If all our priests and other church leaders were ready to preach against these issues and inform their members more, God's will would have been done.

  4. As a Catholic in a loving marriage working through complications that is affecting our ability to concieve I am truly affended by the ignorance and lack of accurate information which is being preached here. We speak of God's will, if it were not for his will medical breakthroughs of such miracles would not be possible. I do agree that it should not be treated as an experiment or product and thus be misused. What you fail to mention is the strong love that exists between a married couple when faced with such tragic news of their inability to concieve on their own, and how IVF has openned a door that would otherwise have been closed. Do you say that because my act of intercourse can not have a child that I should not be blessed with one? I would like to know from where you pull your information as it is very wrong on most counts. Donors should be praised as they give from the heart and volunteer and are strictly screened, they make no money from their gift and should be honored for giving people the gift of life. They should be seen positively in God's eyes. I would suggest you do your research better rather focussing on one publisized case of a women having multiple births. It is not like that at all - do your homework before influencig others. It is this ignorance that shelters Catholics in the true meaning of life, God loves us and creates us in his own image and he also gives us awareness as human beings to go good for each other and those that are less fortunate. Alternate means of concieving is no different.

  5. If you are truly a Catholic than you must face the facts. The fact is that IVF is abhorred by the Church.

    I might suggest a lot of prayerful reflection on your part. Perhaps God wishes you to live differently, perhaps 'your' plan is not His plan for you. Have you considered adoption? It seems wrong to me for people to create children in labs when there are so many unwanted children who are forced into orphanages and foster care.

  6. It's the fact of experiencing the pregnancy and birth yourself. You want to have that bond with your baby, rather than taking in someone elses. I'm not saying that orphan children shouldn't have parents, but I can completely understand why people go through in vitro. Yes, there are many problems or maybe complications with it, but how can there ever be a wrong way to make a baby. Something so perfect. Made in the image of God.

  7. Thank you for this very relevant article. Scientists have become like gods who are not regulated by any laws, and who pays no respect to any religion... whatever they can do, is accepted by everyone... where will this end? Human seed should not be tampered with, since the potential for life is in the seed... God's judgement should be honored if it be His will not to give a couple a child naturally... IVF is yet another product of the planned parenthood lie, namely that we are in control of our fertility. God is and always will be in control, and those not respecting that, will be judged by God Himself... Please continue to try to warn them at least!

  8. Found the following two articles very helpful towards understanding why ART is not a wise choice to make:
    (1)Assisted Reproductive Technologies are Anti-Women
    (2)All In Vitro Fertilizations Undermines Human Dignity

  9. At the age of 9 I lost an ovary and a fallopian tube. Then, at the age of 22, I had surgery on the only remaining ovary. Now, as an adult I am faced with the terrible fact that I am infertile. I find it absurd that so many people are willing to pass judgment and criticism unto those that currently struggle with the ability to conceive their own child. My only chance of having a child with my husband is IVF. I put my faith in GOD and have had the opportunity to pursue these options based on the blessings I have received - steady income to pay for the treatments, windows of time in which to engage in the treatment, support of family and friends, etc. I don't believe GOD places judgment on those of us that are trying to have a child but rather it is humans that condemn others for pursuing the only options available to them.

    There are several flaws in the points presented in the argument against IVF. To say that children 'produced' as a result of IVF are not produced out of love is a FALLACY. Why else would women subject their bodies to such procedures but were it not for love of their child? If I am successful in my attempts of becoming a mother through IVF, if anything, my child will know that s/he was loved and wanted.

    And for all of you that so quickly jump to judge people like me, may you NEVER have to face the struggle of infertility. It is not something I wish on anyone, but until you have personally known what it is like to want a child and not have the possibility of having one of your own, you will never know what it is like.

    "He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone at her." John 8:7


  10. Response to previous comment ---Nobody is casting any stones.

  11. Do you make that last statement though, because you realise that IVF is a sin? It will not be any of us that will convict you, but only the Holy spirit who can do that work... We can be praying for you though, and share our thoughts with you.

    Coming back then to our discussion, without casting stones: It remains my conviction that faith in God - our Creator - in the area of procreation, practically means that according to His judgement we - as a married couple - receive children in a natural way, or that we otherwise accept that it is not His will for us to have children naturally, and that we should then abide by that. Going for IVF, means that our faith is in man and in our own judgement, and not in God.

    To say that IVF is the only option available, is an illusion, since 30 years ago it was not even available as an option. Adoption of children who have no parents, and who are in need of a loving home, will always be an option? Not having children at all, could also be God's plan for a couple, since He may have another plan for their lives?

    To have a 'steady income' of money, does not mean God is on your side here. Money is but money. And a god in its own right, in a matter of fact. ART is a big business, and women and their children are the ones getting hurt by it, while marriages are defiled in the process.'The love of money' still being the root of evil... Many with much more money than a mere 'steady income,' are not living according to God's will, the money enabling them to do so. The availability of money cannot justify anything here, and in fact should rather be seen as a stumbling block.

    When it comes to the 'window of time': TIME is a commodity available to us all. In fact, we all have the same each day, month, and year... Obviously someone with no children will have a lot of time on hands, but what does that prove?

    To have support from others who are equally deceived, also cannot justify an unwise choice. Also, the road most are travelling on, is usually the wrong one, so to look for example at the other 'loving' parents who desperately 'want' children, and who - because of their desperate need - have already produced close to half a million frozen embryos in U.S.A. alone; that besides for the countless ones who were discarded down the drain, and who were and are still being killed by being experimented on;...?

    IVF means - according to my understanding - that you do not conceive the child with your husband, but that someone else conceive the child for you in a dish, using your and your husband's genetic material, that were obtained in questionable fashion, or otherwise - who knows what happened, and whose seed it was in the end that were used?

    The fallacy here is that IVF is a loving option, while in fact it turns children into objects parents have the right have at any cost; to be disposed of according to the parents' discretion according to whether the children be wanted or not. The idea of being 'wanted' or otherwise, also being a fallacy in itself... Please consider all your children who are going to die, while you are trying to have those few wanted ones? Imagine knowing that your parents had your brothers and sisters washed down the drain; knowing full well it could have been you... How loved indeed will that make you feel?

    God is God, and to honour Him we should accept that He has life and death in His hand. If it be his will to give you twenty - or whatever number - of children naturally, He should be honored an obeyed by you receiving them as blessings from His hand. (This unfortunately also not being acceptable to most, since according to my experience, as soon as you have more than four natural children, you become 'the enemy'... Why? Because most 'want' two only, 'planned' according to their timing. Seem though that with IVF there be no limits... especially so if you do not have a husband?)

    1. I think she made that last statement because you are calling ivf a sin.

  12. Anonymous asked on February 26, 2009, if there could be a wrong way to make a baby. Yes, there can: Incest, rape, fornication, adultery, including prostitution and artificial ways, such as IVF. These are all wrong ways. The fact that a baby is conceived can never justify, and will never make any of these wrong ways right. We as Christians should know better than to advocate or consider to practice these wrong ways ourselves.

  13. Hmmm... Interesting converation... Seems as if planned parenthood had turned us into a society where there mainly are two catagories of adults: (1)those who cannot have children and who - as a result - desperately want them, and who are using all available means to do so, and (2)Those who can have children, but who desperately do not want to have more than a very limited number, and who are using all available means not to have more than what they want, with some apparently even getting sterilized before marriage... Is this not merely a matter of the grass being greener on the other side... to have it our way, and not God's way?

  14. Contraception>>> In Vitro Fertilisation >>> Cloning ----- It's the practical progression of the same principle: the act of marriage as an expression of love, is seperated from procreation.

    Acceptace of one, one open the door for the next.

    IVF is also linked to contraception by male infertility being one of the results of contraceptive use by females.

  15. Yes, and female infertility is often secondary to promiscuity associated with STD's, induced abortion and contraceptive measures harmful to the female reproductive organs/system.

  16. "they are not conceived out of an act of love"?!? Are you kidding? IVF babies are not conceived through sex,yes, but if you know the sacrifices that a woman (and her mate) goes through for the IVF - to have a child - there is certainly more love in the process. Unless you equate love with sex (or the religiously correct term - conjugal).
    For those saying - why have IVF, just adopt an unwanted/orphaned/abandoned child - I ask this, if you think that is a desirable alternative than having your own biological child/children, why didn't you adopt one?
    The doctors offering IVF do have respect for religion - no one is being forced to have IVF. It is people who impose their beliefs on other people [e.g. lobbying to make these procedures illegal] who do not have respect for religion. How are these people (who impose their beliefs on others) any different from the Talibans of Afghanistan who seek to impose the Sha'riah law on everyone and anyone.

  17. The doctors are just instruments of God - they cannot give life, or keep life, if it is not God's will. A doctor can do everything medically possible to cure a cancer patient, but it is still God who has the final say. The chances of conceiving by IVF is only about 20%; God still has the final say! To not accept the "artificial" cures made available by science to address our illnesses (and yes, infertility is an illness), when it is clearly available to you, is like refusing God's helping hand. So to those in this blog who suffers from infertility, chose IVF and have conceived, good for you! God has blessed you! Congratulations!

  18. "IVF is abhorred by the Church"? The Church used to preach that babies who died without getting baptized are in Limbo; now the Church declared that there is no Limbo, and the babies are in heaven - great comfort for the parents of these babies who lived in grief and guilt for years! For couples suffering from infertility and refusing IVF because of this preaching of the Church, I wonder - would it be any comfort to them when - in their old age, childless - the Church declares IVF to be an acceptable medical procedure. That the Church changes its position on its "moral" teachings is a known fact (teachings that are not doctrine).

  19. This essencially is firstly a matter of protecting those who are vulnerable and weak with no voice of their own. How can we ever justify creating masses of tiny human beings that are kept on ice? Or the killing of children by their parents because they are not perfect enough? Or sanctioning the crushing of children to further scientfic research? The low possibility of success of the procedure underlines its immorality because of the high mortality rate associated with it. As far as assisting patients to achieve better health? 'FIRST DO NO HARM!'

    Secondly it is also about the protection of the exclusive nature of the institution of marriage, and the act of marriage spesifically. Yes, sex within a marriage relationship is (or should be) an expression of love. This is God's idea of how new human lives are to be created within a family. Conception of a child in a dish by a third party can never be what God intended. IVF is a severe intrusion on the exclusive nature of expression of love in the privacy of a marriage relationship. When donor seed are used, it is outright adultery as well.

    Thirdly it is a matter of the destruction of relationships between parents and their children, and that even before the relationships have been formed. This is indeed one of the ultimate tragediesof IVF, and an expression of how far the hearts of parents truly are from the hearts of their children.

    In all, IVF is in fact as perverse as prostitution and pornography, only with far more fatal consequences, because of its brutality in the destruction of human life.

    Laws are there for a reason: To protect us from each other and from ourselves. The Ten Commandments include that we should not kill and that we should not want what others have. Unfortunately all of us are not able to have the same: Some of us can not have children naturally. Greed to have that what we cannot have at all costs - including killing - is and never will be true love. Denying myself and taking up my cross - going through difficulties -staying without that which I cannot have, and that for the sake of someone else... That is true love. What IVF is about, is: 'ALL-ABOUT-ME' and what I want... self-love... SELFISHNESS in its extreme. It often also is about stealing genetic material that is not rightfully yours, about adultery, and ultimately about not honouring God.

  20. The low possibility of success of the procedure is no different from the low success rate that happens in the womb. Not all eggs are fertilized; not all fertilized eggs attach; and not all fertilized eggs that attach develop to term. It is not about killing, it is about life! For those believing that the procedure is immoral, your beliefs should be respected, and by no means should you be made to undergo these procedures. And I appreciate the sharing of opinions, too. However, others should not be required to live according to your beliefs - not by societal pressure, and certainly not by law. Dominant groups (in different cultures of the world) who impose their religious beliefs on others always find a "holy" reason to do so - and they always believe they are doing it in God's name. I think we should acknowledge that no one has an exclusive 1-800 to God (yes, not even us Catholics or the Vatican); and that we have no monopoly on conscience.

  21. In these days the lawless man with no, or a very much seared conscience, is increasingly revealed.

    Utilitarianism - maximum pleasure, minimum pain -with no moral absolutes - being a full-blown religion - controlling the world.

    Up to 130 OOO embryos per year killed by discarding, and you think this is not about killing? This killing is not accidental, but foreseen and willed..... not happening naturally under God's control and according to His judgement in the womb, but willfully orchestrated by man.

    Abortion of excess babies are also common with IVF - 'selective reduction' - and deaths or indefinite storage of left over embryos who are denied access to their mother's wombs, are equally inhumane.

    Truth is that individual embryos created through ART simply is not seen as deserving of respect in the presence of the competing desire for offspring to be satisfied... There lives are not seen as worthy of protection.

    Also see: Steven Waldman, , 'Does In Vitro Fertilization = Abortion,' Jan.2, 2009, and following blog discussion.

    Yes, every person is given the right by God to choose to submit to His will or not. A society
    is also given that choice collectively, and has the choice to make laws according to His revealed will or otherwise. However, with that choice also comes the responsibility that will have to be taken for actions, and God's judgement on those that do not submit is inevitable..... God was, is, and always will be in control. In this life already a curse follows those who choose to walk on the road of death.

    This is the warning extended to you then: You may choose not to obey God now, but one day every knee shall bow...

  22. ...Yes, and then GOD ALONE will judge whether the infertile couples who chose to avail of the breakthroughs of science (which God has made possible) to bring forth his children has done right by him.

    1. NO its a big no! By the way im a Biomedical Scientist and researcher by practice...and i undergo Clinical Embryology training in Japan! and all i can say is this.... not all advancement in science is correct this includes IVF and embryonic stem cell. by the way, do you know Shiro ishii??? the Japanese Military scientist during world war two? that he yake leads the development of biological weapon. and their subject? the prisoners of war!! many people are died due their nazi experiments...and now some japanese are proud on what their leaders during world war two had done! that they are saying japan is now good at medical research that they develop many effective vaccines against infectious diseases because to what their leaders did before during world war two that they conducted human experiments..... in a brutal way....they proclaim that it is their advancement so do you considered it that GOD wanted it to happened?! taht yes they developed effective vaccines in some infectious diseases but that is the product of conducting human experiment during world war two!!! now it is also happening in our time exactly that IVF! you know after i studied or under go training in IVF i examined my conscience and i conclude that IVF is a immoral thing to do! by the way dont you know that almost their lab staff or clinical embryologist in that hospital are Agriculture graduate or animal livesyock graduate?!!! it only means that they treat human embryo as animal embryo! hello! we are not animals we are humans! we are created by GOD and love superior in any things and creatures in this world!

  23. The fact that God allows something to happen does not mean that it is part of His plan for us or that He made it possible. It is though part of His plan that the anti-life, anti-christ spirit be in control of the world in these last days, with the outcome being reflected in the general prevailing disrespect for human life, as also reflected through IVF.(Interesting article to read:'Bioethecists and Obama agree: Infanticide should be legal,' by Lita Cosner, )

    The death-count left behind on the killing fields of the sexual revolution that paved the way for the current scenario - over the past few decades - is impossible to calculate, with IVF presenting only a minute fraction of it.......

    A vast number of deaths are occurred by induced abortion, and yes, it is indeed true to say that many fertilized eggs do not develop to term, because they are not able to attach/implant. Why? Naturally it surely also happens according to God's judgement, however today this is mostly self-induced by mothers, since their wombs are rendered uninhabitable by IUD's, hormonal injections or anti-baby pills..... induced silent abortions by abortifacient birth control ...... but no less real than its surgical counterpart. That is also how contraceptives practically paved the way for IVF.

    Most of the infertility around is in fact part of the 'create a disease and then cure it' scientific 'advancement' out of control because of no respect for life: God gives those who do not worship Him, but rather the created thing, over to 'degrading passions' which destroys them in the end. The road to these 'degrading passions' begins when men and women exchange "the natural function of women for that which is unnatural"(Romans 1:26-27)

  24. To Anonymous, April 25: Jesus also said: "...go and sin no more." (John 8:11); and in John8:31 He said: "... If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

    Continue reading in John, and you'll find the following: "Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me..... He who is of God hears God's words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God." (John 8:43-47)

    Unfortunately grace - always available - is extended in the course of conviction of and repentance from sin. How unfortunate if a warning that you are on the wrong road, is interpreted as judgement. Please, listen again!

    Indeed God is The One to judge us all in the end, but He appointed Christians as His representatives - His Body - to make disciples, and also to extend warnings to those on the wrong road, so that they too can be drawn to Him. If this not be done, Christians are disobedient to their calling.

  25. The warnings, in the context that the people giving it believe these warnings and wish their neighbors to be saved, are well taken. But to think that your beliefs are the only valid beliefs; and that only you know God's will and God's wisdom (and other's who do not believe as you do - do not and are damned)is arrogance. You can quote to me the Bible, and I can counter-quote you, on the divine do's-and-don'ts - to which there will be no end (as it always happens in all disagreements/disputes relating to religion). Christians have been sent by Jesus to preach the good news of the Lord; not to impose or subjugate. The preachings are much appreciated, but the impositions are not.

  26. I believe in God, and I believe God has placed before me an opportunity to overcome the struggle of infertility through IVF. I do not know why I have suffered from an early age from a variety of medical ailments/procedures but I firmly believe it is in God's plan. He set me on this path and has built in trials and tribulations to make me the strong women I am today...and I firmly believe it is all his plan. I respect those that do not believe in IVF-call it immoral, etc. I am not a selfish individual for desiring a biological child, desiring to know what it means to have life stir and spring forth from my womb. And to Catharina, why would I believe that you, a mere mortal, are transmitting the word of GOD, or any other human being? We are all mere mortals created in GOD's image. We live, we sin, we repent, but we must carve our own path. I believe God has a plan for me...and that is what I follow each and every day. So, who is it that sits around and decides what'new' technologies constitute a sin or are acceptable according to God? I believe it is man himself.

  27. Devil&#39;s AdvocateMay 9, 2009 at 1:51 AM

    How absurd for The Creator of the universe to use mere mortals to teach His True Way!

    Surely, we - together with the demons - are trembling because of our belief in Him, but to actually imagine that we should refrain from carving out our own paths?

    We do not need laws or commandments imposing on us to show us where to walk, since whatever we feel to believe in, becomes our personal truth.

    We are strong enough ourselves to make the toughest decisions in our own strenght, and that according to our own wisdom. Humbling ourselves under God's mighty hand, and submitting to His will and Commandments? You must be kidding!

    Yes, Evangelists with a watered-down messages of 'the good news of The Lord' and even of God's love..... that we will tolerate, but only if they do not venture into the areas of the prophetic or teaching. Whatever was God thinking about when deciding to call mere mortals into the ministry as Prophets and Teachers?

    P.S.: Hope God listened there, since He really needs to learn a few lessons. May be Anonymous would have some more to add?

  28. Hmmmm.... Quite a confusing disposition you have there Anonymous, frequenting a blog commenting on current events from a religious viewpoint, while not comfortable with disagreements relating to religion? Would this merely be another symptom of your confusion in general?

    The point that I was trying to make there by quoting further into John 8, was that 'a text without a context is no text.'

    The Word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. All Scriture is "profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" that we may be "thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (See 1 Timothy 3:16-17)Jesus Himself said that His disciples should go forth and teach all nations to observe all things He had commanded. (See Matthew 28:19)God's word is alive and powerful, and constant study and meditation on it, is what safeguards us from creating our own belief systems.

    We should be very careful though, not to be "using God's word for sinful lusts and practices" or to be "using religion for sinister ends."(Sins forbidden by the Third Commandment, taken from Westminster Larger Catechism - GOSPEL DEFENCE LEAGUE Newsletter Jan/Febr/March 2009)

    The Truth regarding the Kingdom of God is there to be found by all those who are truly searching for it with all their hearts. My prayer for you is that you will know The Truth, and that by it you will be set free from your confusion.

  29. In prayer we humble ourselves under God's mighty hand, and submit to His will and Commandments - based on our beliefs; and we act according to those beliefs. When we are expected (or worse,are forced) to submit to another's interpretation of God's will, we are not being asked to humble ourselves to God, but to be subject to Man (to one who believes quite arrogantly that only he knows what God wants; and only He knows the way - and thus all should follow him and curse and damnation will come on those who don't). I am comfortable with disagreements in religion; and though I may not share your belief, I wish you may practice your beliefs to its fullest - not because I "tolerate" it (as Devil's Advocate writes) but because that is your right. Those who do not share YOUR belief, however, are entitled to that same right. As to who among you and (the other) Anonymous who availed of IVF to bear her beloved child will be first in line to enter God's kingdom remains to be seen. We (each) believe and pray we are in the right path to the Lord; but only God knows.

  30. To Anonymous May 3, 2009: Your infertility is not cured by IVF. This is in fact a substitute or alternative to truly curing your illness. In the Bible infertility had been cured on numerous occasions by God after prayer and patient waiting on Him, often accompanied by desperate petitioning by the infertile mothers. IVF is not walking by FAITH but by sight. It also involves killing of some of your children. This is against God's will. Remember the two mothers who brought the baby to Solomon? The true mother was willing to remain without her baby in the wake of possible harm coming to him. This is true love of a mother: Willing to sacrifice self-gain in order to protect all her children at all costs.

    To Anonymous May 7, 2009: Your intense desires to conceive a biological child, to feel life stirring and springing forth from your womb, are indeed not uncommon, especially for those who are not able to do so, these seem to often become obsessive desires that completely control and overpower them, so that they are unable to lead productive lives? In fact it becomes an idol in itself.

    In place of a spirit of fear (about the fact that you may never concieve and bear children naturally), God can give you a spirit of love(His love for you should be enough to carry you through, you should love Him above all, and that inspite of your trying circumstances), power(His strenght will sustain you even through the suffering of being childless), and a sound mind (acceptance of God's will in your life and trust in Him is followed by peace about it, and this is then then spiritual fruit of self control you are challenged to produce by the trial of being infertile.) 'God grants you peace after you've given Him Your trust.' You have to make the choice, though toentrust your future to God.

    To Anonymous May9, 2009: God's will about murder is not difficult or confusing to interpret. Even a child can understand what it means not to kill another human being. Humbling yourself under God's Hand in this regard, simply means that you obey His ruling by not willfully killing anybody, how small, weak or vulnerable the person may be. God-given rights simply does not include the right to destroy another human being's life. Someone who believe it be His right to practice his belief which includes killing innocent human life? Really, you suggest this be acceptable from a Biblical point of view? Please produce some Scripture to justify this belief of yours? Those entitling themselves to killing others, are clearly doing so in rebellion against God's revealed will. We are to cry out on behalf of those with no voice of their own who are being slaughtered. This we should do not because it is our right, but our responsibility - in obedience to God: 'Responsibility' being a principle far more echoed in The Bible than the principle of 'rights.'

  31. I believe as humans it is quite arrogant to assume we should know God's plan for anyone. So instead we humans pass judgement and criticize other's for what WE think should be God's plan.

    My husband and I are using IVF to build our family. My diagnosis is such that I produce very few eggs so every life that is created is placed in my womb. Each life that is created is loved and very much wanted and treated with respect.

    Let me remind you that it was also the Catholic Church who up until the 1960's found it wrong to marry someone outside the Catholic faith. They church later decided that it was okay to marry an Episcopal.

    So, it is MAN who is making these decisions, not God.

    I know of one family who went to their priest for counseling for their infertility. They discussed their IVF treatments with him. He rejoiced when the couple announced their pregnancy. After the baby was born, they went to their priest, who they had both known since childhood, and asked to baptize their new baby. The priest then told the couple that he refused to baptize the baby because he was created through IVF and he also refused to sign a letter for any other priest to baptize the child. So, instead of rejoicing and celebrating the arrival of their new child, they were heartbroken and LEFT the Church. They didn't want to associate with people who would treat them so badly.

    I think you all would be surprised just how many Catholics actually undergo IVF. I personally know 4 couples (which means 8 total Catholics) and MANY friends from support groups in real life and online. They are MANY Catholic who use IVF but they remain silent about their infertility while they attend mass, take communion and smile greatly as the entire parish smiles upon their beautiful families......

  32. Sooner or later you are going to have to face the fact that the moment you release your genetic material into the care of someone else, that you have absolutely now guarantee of how it is going to be treated. For all you know, some of it is being inplanted in a baboon on the other side of the world at this moment. Neither are you assured of what is implanted into you. The one thing you can be assured of, is that those treating you have the utmost respect for your money, so that they will do anything and everything to keep you in their programme no matter how bad it is for you and your children's health - the same as abortionists. Some call them 'mad docters' others 'modern-day Francensteins'...... I'll settle for 'arrogant to the utmost extreme.' To be manipulating the entire genetic pool of the world as they are doing, is being more than arrogant! You and your husband is no island lady, and the wind being sown is going to turn into a wirlwind in no time, with the curse a collective one on the entire human race.

    Look around you: Lesbians giving birth; grandmothers carrying their own grandchildren; virgins conceiving; white babies created for black parents and coloured babies for whites; genetic material of deceased used and ovaries from dead women transplanted; advocacy of empregnation by using eggs harvested from aborted female babies (used to give birth to someone else while never being born youself!); MTF transsexuals claiming their reproductive rights - just like women who are infertile, who are lesbians, and who have no husbands - to have uterus transplants in order to give birth and other males contemplating to carry babies as ectopic pregnancies aided with artificial womb linings and ceasers; giving birth to yourself by means of cloning; having nearer to ten parents involved in giving life to you instesd of only two(this is where all the different experiments they are busy with are leading to), contemplation of creation of crossbreeds between humans and animals, ect. ect. ect. Some of these had happened already, while others are in progress in the minds of those you are with on the same bus. My acdvice would be: "Get off as soon as you can, turn around and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can!"

  33. Why do you people always have to go.... "there". You always have to bring in the animals don't you... Well, check your history. Joseph Stalin ordered his employed scientist to create a "super human" cloning apes and man. They took ape sperm and insemination women. Guess what.... they tried and it FAILED!! There is no way possible for any type of Planet of the Apes scenario.

    As far as giving my genetic material to others than myself and my husband, I have the law to protect me. If anything should be wrong, those responsible will be held accountable. Not to mention, the clinic's reputations all depend on the care of which is give it's patients... ALL OF THEM!

    Why am I not surprised by these reactions. Catholics are clearly taught to follow what the guy in the big pointy hat tells them, rather than express God's love as Jesus taught. We are ALL God's children are we not? Does a lesbian not deserve the same love and respect and you? How horribly hypocritical of you. How dare you cast judgement in the disguise of faith.

    It doesn't matter how nasty you are or how much you Catholics try to bully people to follow "your rules". People will live their lives. I am at peace with the decisions I have made. I am also confident in my salvation and God's love for me.

    1. no your wrong... in the near in the future sperm of man can fertilize animals or ape oocytes through genetic engineering... they only need to remove or to integrates the master genes. by the way do you know that the Induced pluripotent stem cell is mimic like a human embryo in terms of pluripotent Stem cell however the induced pluripotent stem cell is different with human embryo as the iPS is derived from skin cells not oocytes and it becomes or mimic like human embryo because of the master genes that they found out that there is a master genes responsible to that - I knew that because i undergo Clinical embryology training in Japan and i conclude that IVF is a immoral thing to do

  34. Many things today are possible previously thought to be impossible, with IVF one of them....... The scientists are takig us there, some of us are merely awake enough to take note of what they are currently contemplating, like for example 'invading the ocean floor with intelligent life'...... Sorry but cannot take credit for this revolutionary idea, but only read about it being one of the possible miraculous future scientific advances.........

    Sorry, but naive to be living under the illusion that you have the law to protect you. Those millions of aborted babies all over the world; some being eaten by fellow humans - as in China - and the embryos flushed down the drain and abused in experiments, would be quick to alert you how very much in want 'the law' is; that is if they had a voice to do so....... In any case, the laws are changed constantly according to the scientists' demands.

    Whatever we are taught by whoever should always be judged accordance to God's Word. The Bible teaches that we all are sinners. Fortunately the sin of homosexuality - including that of being a lesbian - is not too great to be forgiven, if their is repentance from it. Truly loving a lesbian means to call her to repentance and back on the narrow raod; so that she could be saved from being damned to an eternity in hell; not to allow her the indulgence of bearing and raising children in accordance to her perverted lifestyle, since this will only be heaping a greater burden of sin on her.

    God'S love for us is never in dispute. Our love for Him being reflected by whether we live in obedience according to His laws, is the variable here. And just for your interest: This was not a Catholic.

  35. So if we are blessed with a child through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) we and our child will not be welcomed into the Church?

    We will be discussing this with a Priest, since we don't feel good about lying regarding this subject, but just want to know what to expect.


  36. Following the logic of the Roman Catholic Church’s argument..

    Why is there no coordinated effort within the Roman Catholic Church to have women donate womb space to bring frozen embryos to life? Why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church at the forefront of advocacy for research into fallopian tube, vas deferens and uterus transplants? Catholics on sites such as Life News have shown vast ignorance in relation to assisted reproduction and a lack of compassion that cannot be considered Christ-like. They assume all IVF cycles involve destruction of embryos and they mock married couples that would like to become biological parents through IVF as selfish and ignoring God’s will for them in their lives. They assume these parents are too narcissistic to adopt, and that those who have conceived naturally (no matter the circumstances) have been “blessed” by God. I’d love to read a poll about what percent of Catholics who have had children naturally have in addition adopted children into their families? It seems so convenient to match up the unwanted babies in the world with couples struggling with infertility (and it certainly lifts the burden on taxpayers that otherwise would be supporting the unadopted children’s needs). If no babies were available for adoption (the supply is shrinking as we give greater support to single mothers), would the Life News writers and posters still feel so self-righteous in demanding infertile couples forgo fertility treatments?

    For me, this issue is tremendously personal. My son’s father and I are each one of more than 10 children with strong ties to the Pro-Life movement. Due to several of my brothers’ being carriers of cystic fibrosis, they have together with their wives brought 6 children into the world with IVF. I know the parents are committed to giving all embryos they have created a chance at life, as they believe each one is unique and deserving of life. I also know the parents are committed to raising their children Catholic, and that our local priest supported their decisions to procreate through IVF (as my brothers, lacking vas deferens, could not conceive “naturally” with their wives).

    (continued below)

  37. I asked Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, Director of Education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center, in person about the moral status of my brothers and their wives. He said that IVF is never morally acceptable and that it is a grave offense. When asked what my siblings should now do, he said that they need to make a good confession. I wonder, though, what have they done that is sinful? I interpret Fr. Tad’s perspective to be that, if my brothers and their wives were “good” Catholics, their children would not exist. I know firsthand the tremendous sadness that infertility can bring to a marriage, as another close family member’s spouse divorced them over disagreements about how to become biological parents while being faithful to Catholic Church teaching. How many Catholics turn to IVF when they have no other biological options, and how many other infertile Catholics chose adoption instead?

    I also asked Fr. Tad about snowflake babies and the Catholic Church’s perspective on this procedure. He essentially said it is morally wrong to create new embryos and that while the Church had no official position on adopting frozen embryos, there are good arguments on both sides. He left me with the impression that, instead of pursuing a path that would produce a biological sibling for our child, my son’s father and I would find more favor with the Catholic Church if we adopted a snowflake baby instead. I would welcome Fr. Tad or other Catholic bioethicists to expand upon this reasoning. The way I see it is, then, if the Catholic Church recruited enough generous women to donate their womb space to bring all the frozen embryos to life, then those of us who have not abused the IVF process and will not abuse it by creating more embryos than we will give life to will then have a moral chance at procreating with our own embryos.

    It is beyond my understanding, even as a theology minor at a Catholic college who has worked for several dioceses, how the Roman Catholic Church can sympathize with and forgive women who have chosen to have abortions, even welcoming them back into the
    Church if they are now married with other children (who will never know about their murdered sibling), but the Roman Catholic Church completely condemns a Catholic couple who has never so much as used birth control, who choose in response to infertility to procreate via IVF using their own eggs and sperm, and transferred all embryos to the uterus.

    My son still attends Catholic school. At some point, will he be taught that, if his uncles and aunts were good Catholics, his 6 cousins would not exist? If so, please tell me now, so I can investigate other educational options before he is exposed to this hateful line of reasoning.

  38. "Your infertility is not cured by IVF. This is in fact a substitute or alternative to truly curing your illness.

    It also involves killing of some of your children."

    Infertility is the inability to conceive within a certain time yes, actually if one is able to conceive with IVF is is "curing" the infertility. But that really isn't the point. Many medical treatments don't cure the problem, they work around the problem to resolve the issue as best we can medically when we can't fix the underlying problem.

    and NO, IVF isn't' killing some of ones children in the process. Embryos that do not survive, or are not viable is a part of human reproduction, it happens naturally within the body, and it also happens during the IVF cycle. If you want to suggest that IVF is killing some of ones children, you would have to say the same thing for anyone trying to conceive naturally, since it is likley that most conception attempts involved embryos that do not survive as well.

    I have done IVF and NOT A SINGLE EMBRYO was "killed" in the process. NOT ONE. But not all were viable, and so those NATURALLY stopped growing...just as they would have inside my body too!

  39. Thanks for posting. I am a catholic, and have been doing IVF cycle, and it is good to see the reason why the catholic faith has such strong views on IVF.
    I do find it a little odd that embryos born though IVF are not done "in love" what greater love could I have for my children then to be so determined to have them - to go to these extreme measures?

  40. When embryo's do not develop further during the natural process of procreation as designed by God, it is something that happens as a result of God's control/judgement. With IVF this is under the control of rebellious man who does not want to submit to God's will in the area of his/her fertility. The whole process of IVF will always remain unnatural, in whichever way you may try to defend/justify it. It is a form of prostitution/idolatry, where someone else is paid to intervene in the marriage relationship between a husband and wife, and where conceiving a child becomes the prime focus of a couple; instead having God's Kingdom come in and through their lives. Then, there is the different scenarios of the various options of adultery added to the prostitution/idolatry by mixing seed; empregnating virgins and even men... What a mess! When embryos are killed during IVF -- whatever the state of their viability at the time may be -- the desision is made by man, not God. Surely this is a simple fact to observe? Thus the maintenance/selection of life and death is decided on by man; who think of himself as being God, and that on the basis of his limited wisdom/foolishness. Unless you did your IVF procedure yourself, you'll never be the wiser as to what happened anyway. Only God knows. To think you can trust those involved in this trade; all of whom are mere sinful human beings; is an illusion. May you be cured from the imaginations exalting themselves against the true knowledge of God.

  41. Thank you to all the infertile couples that tried to correct the inaccurate information in this article, and for all you Catholics that are against ivf maybe you should do some more research on the real facts.
    I am Catholic and me and my husband are infertile because my husband has a severe low sperm count (no reason why and therefore no treatment besides ivf+icsi). Whoever made the comment that infertility is from STD's and abortion you better do some research on infertility. For your information I have a friend who slept with over 100 guys, had many STD's, had an abortion as a teen, and got pregnant without even trying with her boyfriend of 5 months, meanwhile me and my husband are STD free, I never had an abortion since I was a virgin when I met my husband (because of my Catholic upbringing).
    IVF cycles consist of constant blood draws, u/s visits, and nightly shots (sometimes 3 shots at once) either in the belly and then in the butt. How many people can do that? Then there is the egg retrieval process where a very long needle is struck through the wall of the vagina to reach the ovary (read up on it) - not a very pleasant experience. No one in their right mind would do this if they didn't have to, but they do it for the love that they have of their future children. To see your embryos as 2, 3,or 5 day old embryos is priceless. And you can't base all ivf patients over one case that didn't follow the rules. Most doctors will not put back more then 2 embryos. And though many eggs are made and hopefully many embryos, very very few ever reach the stage to implant or cause a pregnancy. This happens to every women, they just don't know it. They don't kill embryos in ivf clinics. Look up the stats - only about 75% of eggs fertilize (and this is a good rate), out of these embryos only 1/4 will make it to day 5. Not because they are killed, but because they die because of either bad egg or bad sperm. It happens with all embryos - 75% of miscarriages happen before a women even knows an egg is fertilized. IVF doctors are not playing God - they can't. They are only helping couples that have no way of having fertilization occur naturally either because of a sperm issue or blocked tubes. The doctors can't make the egg turn into an embryo. Even injecting the sperm into the egg what they do with icsi doesn't equal 100% fertilization (it is still about 75% at best). Also putting embryos in a women's uterus doesn't guarantee a pregnancy. Only God is in charge of that embryo developing and implanting. No doctor can do this, if they could IVF would have 100% success rate.
    And for those that suggest adoption - you should look into how easy you think that process is - adoption takes many many years, countless home visits where your whole life is put under the microscope, thousands and thousands of dollars, and still no guarantee of a baby because the mother can still change her mind. Meanwhile an IVF cycle takes 2 months, has 50% chance of a pregnancy if you are under 35 (40% chance of a live baby), a biological child that doesn't have problems like a lot of adopted or foster kids do, and with insurance coverage in MA (since they consider infertility a disease) all we have to pay is our yearly deducible of $500 and then a copay of $150 for the drugs. Tell me which one would you chose?

    1. excuse me your definitely wrond doctors did not create embryo? yeah ofcourse because the one who make embryo are the Technician int he laboratory...the Clinical embryologist. the reason why some embryo are becaome arrested or dead or not fertilized because tehre are times teh technicians are prone to do technical error in micromanipulation, next, some embryo are secretly subjected to PGD or pre genetic disgnosis that is removing of one cleave egg in the embryo which causes genetic defects. and it happen also that when a ptient embryo arrested or death the doctors and embryologist can secretly use sperm or oocytes from other patients why? because IVF is a big business and theres other more un ethical issues.. i know that because i undergo Post grad training course in Japsn for clinical Embryology or IVF and i realized that IVF is a Immoral thing to do

  42. I also want to comment on if Catholics are so against infertiles using a treatment (ivf), then what do you say to the cancer patients that need chemo or the person on dialysis that needs a kidney transplant. According to the same logic, they shouldn't get treatment either and just accept the fact that it is God's will that they die. Would you get treatment to treat a condition if it was you or one of your loved ones? If the answer is yes then you are a hipocrite to deny infertile couples ivf is a treatment so that they can get a baby.

    1. excuse me chemotherapy is treatment, taking drugs to treat inflammation, infectious diseases is treatment but IVF is not a is clear it is Assisted Reproduction.

  43. This is a scary website, boy. My husband and I have not been able to conceive a child on our own and you're telling me I HAVE to adopt someone else's child? And you're saying that if our IVF attempt is successful it wasn't conceived out of love? SHAME ON YOU. How dare you judge other good people's intentions?

  44. To Anonymous August 21, 2009, 8:05 PM

    Surely scary to think that in UK alone in the previous 14 years before 2008, over 1 million human embryonic children were killed! Just google 'embryos killed by IVF' for more statistics. Not much respect for embryonic life around, that's for sure! Why are you not willing to face the facts?

    Blocked tubes are common after STD's, even though not all women are equally effected.
    And, a common after-effect of abortion, is the lowered ability to maintain future pregnancies, especially so after repeated abortions. Extended use of some contraceptives have the same effect. Information about this readily available on the net as well for those who are interested.

    For me it is not a matter of preference, but of conviction: I'm convicted by The Holy Spirit not to be the cause of having embryonic children killed, even if it means staying without a child of my own. Money is not my God, to be influencing my decision. True love very often means to be willing to make sacrifices. If God wants me to have a child: 100% 'chance' of having one. If not, He'll provide the grace to carry me through that valley as well, as He does through all others.

  45. I was raised a catholic. I am now 34.
    I met my husband in high school. I was only 15.
    We were loyal to each other and to this day, has been my only partner.
    He was raised Presbyterian and it was always a battle.
    My husband and I were blessed with a pregnancy early in our marriage, but resulted in a miscarriage. We were then blessed with our son Charlie who is now 7. We then went thru some difficult time getting pregnant with our now daughter Caitlyn who is 2. I have NEVER had an abortion or STD in my life!
    For those of you out here who say that those are the only reasons why people have infertility , that is very insensitive and wrong.
    To say that IVF is not a loving thing is also insensitive and down right evil!
    My husband and I love eachother very much and the process only brought us closer. We both prayed a lot and I would even argue that it made us more aware of our beliefs. God creates EVRYTHING! Period.
    If it was not his will, Caitlyn would not be here today. She is Gods child. Please do not tell me otherwise. You all need to stop with the judgement.
    We will all be judged by our creator.
    If all of you out here can honestly say you have never sinned ,
    never have liquor, never have lied, never looked at another man/woman, never have taken an antibiotic or have gone to the dr, then good for you!
    God created doctors to help people. That includes infertility doctors. If churches are willing to forgive women who kill innocent babies, I think God is willing to forgive women who want to CREATE life!
    If you truly believe that you live by Gods will , then you should not participate in any modern technology that would help you, including medical help.
    Get real and stop judging people who dong believe in all that you do.

    The fact that there are people out here who think they know why people can't get pregnant is crazy. I also find it funny that these same people who are judging everyone else claim they are Christians and loving people.
    I think all of you who judge need to really take a good look at your own life. Do you live EVERYDAY of your life by the bible? Have you never drank liquor? Looked at another man/woman? Told a lie? Taken an antibiotic? God forbid you at meat on a Friday during Lent? God creates everything, period! He created you and me and the dr's who help LOVING couples concieve children and who save your loved ones who are very sick!
    One last point. Before you all give info on IVF and what it involves, make sure you do your research. The info on here is simply not true.
    My husband and never killed an embryo and the ones ghat do die , would have most likely done so in the womb. Stop the fear mongering please.

    My husband and I decided to go thru IVF and it was not an easy decision.
    I prayed to God often and I can tell you that I know I made the right decision.
    He blessed us with a beautiful baby girl who is one of Gods children.
    I don't appreciate you people who say that it is not Gods plan or she was not made in love. If you have not suffered from infertility and do not know the true facts of IVF , then you will NEVER understand the point of view.
    My husband and I love each other greatly and went thru many difficult days during the process. To say that it is not loving is ludicrous and frankly, in my opionion, a pretty evil thing to say.

  46. To mention that the increase of infertility of both males and females are most definitely related to contraceptive use, STD's and abortion, is to state a simple fact.

    What is more, it is an inescapable spiritual reality. Scripture actually quite clearly reveals fertility to be a blessing, and infertility as a curse. Infertility is in fact one of the ways God's judgement is caaried out over those and their children who do not obey His commands.

    Also true to say that all instances of infertility is not because of sin we or our parents had committed. Women in the Bible who could not conceive, humbled themselves, and cried out to God though, giving themselves -- in faith -- over into His hands to do with them as He decided to do.

    The causes of curses or bad things happening to us, are legio. Some curses come upon us because of sins of our parents, some because of a collective curse on our family or nations. Some trouble we occur, happen to test and purify us towards patience and perseverance; contributing to our sanctification or even because God is busy preparing us for future ministry to help others. It could be that God is chastising us because he loves us, or it could be that through our trial His glory is to be revealed. Many times the cause of our struggle is veiled in mystery, though, simply because we as finite human beings are not to know neither understand everything.

    Some other causes for infertility include pollution; excessive excersise; malnutrition (including diet disorders and gastric by-pass surgery); any involvement in occultic practises (including freemasonry)...

    When it comes to matter of judging the intent of others and what they say as being evil: Well, it seems to me that it is for IVF to be proven not to be evil; something not possible judging by the many reasons why it indeed is a destructive force.

    It is so though that God even use evil for good...

    No one warning against IVF on this blog did ever claim not to have sinned themselves. We merely are pointing out the sinful nature of the practise, and warning others not to get involved in this, because love for our neighbor beckons us to do so.

    If women repent from the sin they have committed by either aborting their children or undergoing ART, most surely God is to forgive them, as He does forgive all the sins we confess. If we do not repent and confess, though, our sins are like a wall between us and God.

    Medical treatment and modern technology that do not destroy human life; that do not trespass on the area of killing our fellow man; against such is no misgiving.

    Personally I've already done extensive research regarding IVF in the light of Scripture; am therefore utterly convinced of its evil nature, and remain compelled to continue to warn others against this practise if and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    Surely it should be understandable that Biblical principles relating to various issues -- IVF being one of them -- are to be universally understood, discerned and taught; not only by those who have been presented with certain circumstances directly related to the issues? In many ways those in difficult circumstances -- such as being infertile -- are severely hampered and even unable to discern the issue objectively, especially because of the emotional trauma they are undergoing.

    In conclusion: It will always remain the best choice to humble ourselves under God's mighty hand and to have His will be done in our lives, even if it means that we do not conceive children.

  47. Many people posting here are misinformed about IVF. First, I have two beautiful children from IVF and never realized that this would be considered a gravely evil act, as I saw it described on another Catholic website. My girls are the joy of mine and my husband's life and born out of a loving relationship. I have always considered them a blessing from god and thank him for them every night. I find it crazy that anyone would think these children came about as a result of technology and not ultimately the hands of God.

    There are moral ways to go about infertility treatment if that is the only option for your family. First, choose a responsible and moral doctor. We used our own eggs and sperm and would not have proceeded otherwise. We chose to use all embryos that were created and would not have considered destroying or donating them. These and other options were discussed prior to chosing infertility treatment and were treated respectfully by the clinic we went to. We also were responsible in only implanting a small number of embyros (no more than 3) so the choice of selective abortion or risks to the babies' development due to multiple births would not be an issue. In fact our doctor would not have done otherwise even if we had made different choices to increase our chances of fertility.

    Also there is no conclusive proof that IVF produces children with more physical and mental problems. That is absurd and just plain wrong. Problems associated with assisted reproduction are at this point believed to be related to underlying infertility problems or to multiple births (which I agree is a problem and irresponsible). The overwhelming majority of children born from IVF are the same as other children. Do your research before making such statements, which can be stigmatizing for these children. The judgments and assumptions made here feel unchristian and unloving to me and leave me feeling deeply disturbed.

  48. I am a struggling Catholic. I am infertile and I have one child from IVF. I just had another baby born stillborn. This was also an IVF baby. The great desire to procreate with my husband and the denial of being able to go about that "the old fashioned way", has been a huge cross to bear. This cross has been made much heavier by so called "religious" family members and church members feeling they were doing me a favor pointing out that I would go to hell and was immoral. Their need to stand in judgement of my heartwrenching decisions is a much bigger sin in my eyes. At the time I was in so much pain and in need of understanding, I only received judgement. I have made peace with God about my decisions. Maybe those who feel the need to "enlighten" us immoral sinners about IVF, should really take a look at their own insecurities. I pray that those here who feel the need to judge can find enlightment and compassion for those strugging with infertility.

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    Catholics and IVF: A Pastoral Approach
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    This webinar will help prepare Catholics who are considering IVF / ART or have a child born as a result of IVF / ART to have a productive and respectful conversation with their pastors from the perspective of their lived experiences. The guest speaker will be Father Jon Pedigo, STL. Please join the American Fertility Association and Father Jon Pedigo on Monday, December 7th at 1:00 p.m. (EST) for a webinar which will address these important issues.
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  50. Unless you have felt the pain and the anguish of infertility please don’t pass judgment on us!!!!!
    I am the one with the problems that is causing my husband and I not to conceive. I have had one partner, my husband , and NO STD and have had to have both of my tubes removed and one ovary due to endometriosis. Before my surgery to remove my ovary and tubes we were practicing Natural Family Planning. (following the church’s teaching) It is not our choice to be in this situation we would LOVE to be able to conceive naturally, but that is not what God’s plan for us is. Not all Infertility is not due to STD, please do your research at creditable sources.

    My husband and I have undergone IVF and other treatments. At every step we made decisions that were life giving. To do the “preparations” for the procedures we did them as a couple and not using porn. We made the choice that every embryo that was made had a chance even if they felt that the embryo would not make it. We unfortunately have had only two embryos that made it and were transferred. As we believe that live begins at conception, to us those embryos were our babies. I have kept photos of them grieved for them and to do this day think about them. If our round was successful those children would have been born out of the deep love that my husband and I have for one another.

    As for adoption it is not to replace or to just have a child. It is to provide for, share love and to nurture a child. To adopt a child for any other reason is doing a disservice to that child. it is not as simple as you can’t have a child so adopt.

    Like I said in the beginning unless you have been there and walked a mile in my shoes don’t judge the decision that we made because it was not done lightly or without prayer.

  51. Fr.,

    You have so much of your information wrong. IUI babies have no greater chance of a physical or mental defect that babies conceived through "normal" sex. IVF babies have a 1% more increase in chance than "normal babies." Check the CDC website before you put info out there.

    And to say that our future child wasn't conceived out of love is insane. We love our future baby so much that we are willing to go to extreme measures to have him/her.

    A Catholic, very infertile couple who will soon go through IVF. We're going to meet God halfway there to create our baby. :)

  52. It is so wonderful to hear from everyone here who has done IVF. I have two beautiful 7 year olds born through IVF, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The negative comments and judgments on here are awful. I have so often thought about leaving the church because of this. I would never wish infertility on anyone, it is one of the worst things anyone can experience.

    To anonymous 10/15/09 who stated :"In conclusion: It will always remain the best choice to humble ourselves under God's mighty hand and to have His will be done in our lives, even if it means that we do not conceive children." and those of you like this person, my guess is that YOU have never had to deal with this agonizing situation, so it is probably easy to give this advice. Shame on you for judging us. The only way I can still walk into a Catholic church is my knowledge that these are thoughts and rules developed by man and not Christ.

  53. The simple plain fact is this. Catholic couples will bring breathing souls into this world and they will be members of a Church who condemns the very mechanism to which they owe the miracle of their lives? Is that fair? How is that supporting the dignity to which they are entitled through the Grace of God? This is akin to certain Christian churches preaching that interracial marriages/births were a "sin" It is wrong...and no matter of semantics will make it right. The destruction of life is wrong, but IVF does not necessarily result in this. In fact, through research in this field new methods are being created which prevent the destruction of embryos. This policy should not stand as there are living souls who owe their lives to it. Who is ANYONE to tell them their existence is somehow irrelevant?

  54. To suggest that this method of conception is against God's will -- as is raping -- does not mean that the person conceived as a result is 'irrelevant'. How amazing that God uses even our evil deeds to accomplish good!

  55. I'm infertile due to biological and hormonal causes. It was devastating to realize that I'd never be capable of having children in a normal manner.I railed against the heaven's for a long time, but eventually I realized that it is God's will. It has turned out that my life path and experiences wouldn't have supported children, and would have actually made it harder for me to turn wholeheartedly to God.God in his wisdom knew that.

    Just as it is not given for all to marry, it isn't meant for all women to have biological children.

    I understand the emotional yearning for a child with the man God has given you as a husband; the furtherance of family lines, etc. But it isn't a right. We are entitled only to a life that allows us to grow in participating in the life of the Trinity; that's it. Everything else is a gift. That's life. Our true home isn't on this earth anyway, and marriage nor children are essential to reaching the Kingdom of Heaven; our only permanent and true goal in life.

    Maybe an infertile couple is meant to adopt or foster children, or later down the line, they may be responsible for helping to raise a sibling's or other relative's children in some way. Or perhaps God wants the couple to be dedicated to something that isn't compatible with the energy it takes to raise healthy

    Again, our lives are gifts, not rights.

  56. Hi All!
    My hubby and I conceived our twins 7 years ago via IVF. It was one of the most beautiful, prayerful, grace filled times of our lives. My husband had the fertility issue and sperm was taken via direct removal with a needle ( not masturbation). So we both were involved in enduring uncomfortable procedures with the hope and prayers that God would bless our efforts. 2 of my eggs were fertilized and through the grace and protection of God they made the transfer from the lab to their home for 9 full months: their moms belly! I couldn't even count how many rosaries were said during this time! It was very emotional and stressful but we supported and loved one another and prayed together to be blessed by God with children. I greatly respect those who are called to adopt. It is a beautiful calling . This was not my calling. So we prayed and prayed, knowing that ultimately it was in Gods hands. I cannot even begin to express how blessed we are as a family and continue to praise and thank God for the gifts of our children Our little guys make their first communion next May and I look forward to that very special day. Our family story has nothing to do with lesbians, apes, degrading women, turning our backs on God, children not having 2 parents, freezing embryos, discarding children etc. Our family story is one of love and trust in God, prayer, and using the God given means available to grow our marital love for each other into a beautiful family. I understand that this process can be abused by some. But that doesn't mean that the process itself cannot be used in conjunction with honoring God and his plan for all of us. May God bless you all and thank you for contributing to this discussion.

  57. To say that a child produced through IVF is not created out of an act of love shows an unfortunate and sad level of ignorance and uninformed judgement.

  58. Many are pointing to the destruction of unwanted embryos as a basis for immorality and sin for the case of IVF. What if you only fertilize one or two eggs, then implant them? Or, what if an infertile couple adopted another woman's unwanted embryo via IVF procedures? Are adoptions limited to the phase of human after birth, or is embryo adoption included in that?

    I am repulsed by women fertilizing more eggs than she plans to be able to see through to full-term. Kathleen's story is a testament to how we should use the gifts God gives us, rather than abuse them.

    I find it amusing how IVF is shunned, but the Holy See under JP II declared evolution to be in line with God's word.

  59. Lets not forget the millions of Babies (with souls forged at conception) who die in natural miscarriages every year due to deformities.

    Perhaps God is the real abortionist/eugenist...

    Because there must be good biblical reasons for these unborn to die. For millennia before humans perfected the procedures.

  60. Point #1, is this an argument that Catholics are engaging in this, or just that because some people are using techniques and tools in ways that you don't approve of, that therefore the techniques and tools are forbidden? I like the argument that children have to be loved regardless of how they were conceived. Ostracizing the parents is a good way to make IVF children feel welcome in the Catholic church, is it?

    Point #2, that it's not done through an act of love is the very height of arrogance of the speaker. It's also completely incorrect. The only reason for Catholics to engage in IVF is to bless a marriage with children, which is the REASON for marriage, according to doctrine.

    Point #3. Sperm can be collected using a condom during intercourse and then used for IVF. For those who are really paranoid about this, the condom can be tampered with (a hole created) to very strictly adhere to all conjugal requirements.

    Point #4, about a sperm donor who is not the father; we can point to Onan (Genesis) who was killed for not wanting to be a sperm donor for his sister-in-law. We may no longer be bound by the laws of the OT, but we have to acknowledge that your sperm donor argument is incredibly weak, since it was an approved practice according to the Bible, even to the point that a child was not recognized as the child of the natural father (and outside of marriage).

    Point #5, about freezing fertilized eggs, this is only relevant if they stay frozen and are not implanted. Easy enough to deal with this issue by implanting them in multiple sessions.

    Point #6, using fertilized eggs for something else than creating a baby, is also easy enough to deal with by implanting all the fertilized eggs in multiple sessions.

    Point #7, implant fewer eggs (two) at each try, and you radically reduce the risk of multiple births.

    Point #8, what is the moral consideration of money? Money is neither moral nor immoral.

    Point #9, if IVF babies have such higher odds of being mentally deficient or having behavioral problems (neither of which is a religious argument), why do you make the point of them being designer-babies? You can't use both arguments at the same time.

    Point #10, the thin-end-of-the-wedge argument, used to argue against mixed-race schools that would lead to mixed-race marriages. I don't think the argument is very attractive.

    The list of arguments seems to focus on the decisions that people can make (which we have been able to do since we left the Garden of Eden), instead of helping how Catholics can avoid the problem areas by acting in ways that ethical and moral while using technology in appropriate ways.

    If IVF is a sin, based on interpretations of the Bible (because for obvious reasons, the Bible can't tell us directly about IVF), then the wages of sin are what?

    What happens to the child, and is the message of Christ correctly interpreted if we make the parents of an IVF child feel unwelcome in the Holy Church? AND if we tell the child that the parents are bad Catholics. Where does the child need to look now for moral guidance, now that the marriage of the parents and their actions are held up as examples of sinful behavior?

    Talk about opening a can of worms.

    Instead of banning technology (which hasn't been successful since Galileo), and instead of coming up with rationalizations of why IVF is bad, I suggest that the same effort is put into coming up with ways in which Catholic couples can use fertility techniques, including IVF, properly and within the confines of our church.

    1. Why not accept that human procreation is a GIFT of God, a privilege but not an ABSOLUTE RIGHT. On the other hand PARENTHOOD, adopting a child, is not only a grace of God, but a blessing to parents and children without families. Now, this is within the confines of good reason, whether one is Christian, atheist, deist, and others "ists".

  61. I have a chromosomal disorder that leaves only a small portion of my eggs capable of producing a viable embryo. Its called a Robertsonian Translocation and it effects my 13th and 14th Chromosomes. I have had 4 miscarriages and no children. Most of my embryos are not viable. Even if they made it past the petrie dish to my uterus, they would expire just as my last 4 pregnancies. The unfortunate fact for me is whether or not my embryos are conceived in the womb or in a lab, their fate is the same. Does that still mean I am sending embryos to their death if we go the IVF Route. Am I just as bad as others not affected by my disorder if I were to go the IVF route?

  62. I completely agree with the above poster and their response to each and every arguement. I love my husband, we have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful little boy. We also had a daughter who we lost at birth due to hospital negligence and as a result, I contracted an infection that has made me infertile. It is very important to my husband and I more children so that when we are gone, my son will have his brothers and sisters. Here is the crossroads we are at: do IVF for $20k and have several of our own bio children or spend $20k with an adoption agency that may or may not go through? At this point, we want to minimize our risks. I would rather do IVF, have all of the children/embryos over the next 10 years, know that my children are my own and I know their medical history. There are responsible ways to do IVF, such as requesting not to destroy any of the embryos and being responsible about the implantation (no more than 2). We are good people who have been through so much tragedy. I don't think God chose our daughter to die which as a result gave us 4 more miscarriages and no more hope of a successful pregnancy, so why shouldn't we have more children? I have to believe that this technology is from God and you can choose to use it respectfully or not, but I shouldn't be told that I am going to hell because we want more children.

  63. Can someone explain to me this hypocrisy I see in my church?

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for quite some time now. We were just about to start IVF when right before that we attended a mass where the priest spoke about the sin of IVF and how it went against God and that life starts at conception and should not be created in a petri dish. His sermon was especially harsh and really struck a nerve with me. I did not know this was the Catholic Church's stance.

    Consequently, trying to adhere to the church's teachings we decided to hold off on IVF and keep trying (though using Clomid to produce 2 eggs as my husband has low morphology & low motility so this gives us twice the chance each month). Well, shortly thereafter, I became pregnant. 8 weeks later I miscarried. Wanting to honor this child and its life I went to this same church and asked the priest if there was some service, baptism, burial rite, etc. that we could do for our child. He told me that the church does not do anything for miscarried children and that it wasn't that far along anyway and I should just give it to the hospital for testing of abnormalities as my dr. suggested and not bury it. How could this priest and church that just pontificated that life starts at conception, that every life is important and God's gift, be so callous toward this 8-9 wk. old life. It shouldn't matter if the life was 99 years old, or 9 wks. old, if life starts at conception, then all life should be respected by the church, not tested upon and disgarded.

    Thankfully, we ended up going to another church that did a naming rite and we buried our child with my grandparents. However, how awful and emotionally shocking it was to hear that from the first church.

    It's been almost a year since we conceived, and we are again considering IVF. I am very torn. In the end only God will judge me - but I find the hypocrisy deafening.

  64. I wish I could help with the hypocrisy. I have been looking around the internet because although I have grown up catholic, I am struggling with whether or not to raise my child (conceived through IVF due to infertility of both myself and my husband) as a catholic. I believe in the teachings of Jesus. I believe in the good done by the parishioners at my church and others. I just don't understand how the pope and others high up in the church can say this, especially knowing the sacrifice we went through and how much our love has grown for each other through it.

    I'm at a loss as well and if I had heard that at mass, I probably would have walked away and never came back.

    I still don't know and the hypocrisy with everything ELSE going on with the church floors me as well, but that's for another website.

  65. I appreciate the comments of the mother from March 6, 2011. My daughter is also an IVF baby. I also may of the other people who have posted comments here. I understand the Church's teachings and the reasons why. With IVF, we are playing God. I can respect that. I also feel that many of the people commenting here who are so strongly against IVF probably had no trouble concieving the exact number of children they wanted. As I discussed with my pastor about our IVF issue and I listened to him explain the Church's views, like some of you, I thought, "Don't you realize that my husband and I DO love each other? That our daughter WAS created out of the love of marriage." Infertility is a major struggle that ends many marriages - but not ours.

    I am struggling with how the Church reconciles the sin of IVf with the validity of the human born from such a conception. How do I explain to my daughter that although the Church recognizes her existence and loves her, it believes that her conception was a sin? How does the Church separate her conception from her existence? How can they justify saying that it is okay for her to exist, but she never should have been conceived through IVF. There is only one egg and one sperm that could have created the unique individual that is my daughter. They could only have been combined through IVF, and yet that was a sin and she is not. I am confused, and my pastor only said I should pray on it. I guess he doesn't get it either?

  66. @ AMD: I am a barren woman and I stand with the Church in opposition to IVF. A child is a gift of God. Period.

  67. AMD....I too am a mother of IVF daughters. No one will ever understand what we have gone through until that have gone through it themselves. The countless days and months of giving ourselves shots. Endless blood tests, endless ultrasounds. It is them (the ones who judge us) that will have to be judge for their lack of respect against their "neighbors" that they will have to answer for. If God did not want us to "be fruitful and multiply" why would he give man the knowledge to do this? And if one of you DARE say..he did are sorely mistaken. Tell me, did God give man the knowledge to research diseases and cure them? Oh, why yes he did if that medicine cured your friend of loved one. All medicine is researched and developed in ::gasp:: a lab!!!! So, when you or your loved one (God forbid it EVER happens) YOUR CHILD, YOUR BABY, gets ill and you use medical intervention, does that not fall under the same catagory as producing a child in a lab? That same lab that came up with that medicine to save your life, your loved ones life, your CHILDS life was born in a lab. So if you want to get on your high horses and preach about what is made outside a persons body is wrong, think about that the next time you are sick. You have to go to tests to find out what is wrong so you can get meds to fix you...well, those meds were man made. Adam and Eve did not have them in their back leaf/pocket. Don't condemn those of what you know nothing about!! YOu don't know what God wants. How do you know he would not love these children as his own. They have souls don't they? They have spirit don't they? Where do they get that from? GOD!!! So therefore...he recoginizes them as one of his own and helped them come to life by not being miscarried or still born. Those of you that judge and put your noses up to those that have to struggle to have children.....SHAME ON YOU. I pray God has forgiveness in him for you!!! You should not be turning your back on your brothers and sisters. Isn't that what we all are? If you don't recognize a child of don't recongnize God and all the beautiful things he has created. makes you fake in your believings. Where does it say in the bible that only a child of God has to come from sex between man and woman and can not be created outside the womb? WHERE? My husband and I have 4 beautiful children. 2 of which through IVF..they are paid for out of MY pocket. NOT the state or taxpayers. So don't even go there!!! YOu should all be ashamed of yourselves. Especially those that can conceive at just a look from your partner. We could only wish it was that easy.
    Maybe, just maybe....God wanted us to go through this to help and coach others on to help them conceive instead of giving up on have a child. Isn't eveything in life a lesson? Well maybe some of were chosen to teach this lesson to those that don't understand. Just like those that do not understand the bible. Maybe we are the 'CHOSEN FEW" to help others to not give up and to be fruitful and mulitply. This is why so many have given up on the Catholic Church. YOUR rules and laws do NOT match what the bible teaches. YOU make up what YOU think is right for YOU.
    I will talk to the man upstairs when I get there. Him and I are going to have a pow wow. What, you don't think that will happen? Does it say somewhere that I can't talk to him and ask him questions? God WANTS you to talk to him, right? I know I have some of you thinking now and I hope you learn through us that have lived it.

  68. I find this article and subsequent comments fascinating. I am a Catholic who has undergone IVF. Quite frankly, it never occurred to me that the Catholic Church would condemn IVF and most fertility treatments. I understood the church's stand on discarding embryos but I had no idea that they took such a strong stand against the use of IVF altogether. Would it have stopped me if I'd known? No. And I do plan on undergoing IVF again if it means having another baby. I guess I'm just not a very good Catholic. I'm also married to a divorced man who hasn't gotten an annulment. I guess I'm going to hell. LOL!

    Anyway...I'm not going to debate the points of whether or not IVF is immoral because the Catholic church has a clear stance on this issue born, I'm sure, of much research and debate so who am I to argue. I will say this though:

    Every day when I look at my daughter, I thank God for the blessing He has given me by allowing me this precious baby girl. It's very hard to look at my daughter born of IVF and NOT think that she is a gift from God to me. Reconciling the notion of God abhorring IVF vs. God blessing me with this gift is a pretty convoluted undertaking.

    As a Catholic, I have done the best I can with a terrible situation. The greatest debate for me is what to do with any leftover embryos (I only have 2). I certainly do not plan on destroying them.

    Again, informative and enlightening article even though some of your information is wrong. It is not true that "most of the time" the sperm used is from a donor. It is also not true that babies conceived through IVF have a MUCH higher chance of physical and mental problems.

  69. wow....clearly the labels Catholic and christian are not inclusive.

    We are all called to be believers to humble ourselves to the will of GOD and share his love with the world. JUDGMENT is reserved for him alone.

    IVF does not deminish GOD's greatness nor does it have the power to circumvent his will.

    If IVF is a sin then so is treating cancer. For we have no more control over who is fertile and unfertile than we do of who will or wont be affected by cancer. It is only logic to say that if it is wrong to use medicine to begin life then it is also wrong to use medicine to prolong life.

    i am the infertile one in our marraige...and nothing wounds me more. We have a true marriage and love each other deeply still in five years we have never conceived. To know I am unable to fulfill my husbands desire to have children lies heavly on my heart. Is IVF for me well I havent decided yet.

    but I will say this the church has lost its humility. It has never been and never will be our place or calling to condemn others. We must find it in our hearts to love everyone. If you disagree with IVF then pray for all who suffer from infertility that they can conceive or be at peace with it.

  70. If my husband and I are fortunate enough to be blessed with a baby through IVF I guarantee the baby will not be raised a catholic. I could not and would not raise my child to believe in a faith that thought their being brought into our lives was not part of God's plan.

  71. My daughter has undergone IVF as she and her husband cannot conceive "naturally", both have problems related to infertility, and both want children. They have also joined another church and are no longer Catholics. They could not continue to attend and give money to a church that views them and their unborn child as sinners. I am about to leave the Catholic church, also, as I fully support them. The Catholic church has terrible hanag-ups on anything to do with sex.

    1. That's YOUR view and you are entitled to it, but as such has only this value. You and others who say what you said and do what you are saying you are going to do, think you have no real need of God because you already have your own gods modelled at your own image. But do not disdain the FAITH of others neither leash out at the Church.

    2. Did you literally just accuse someone of being a polytheist just because they don't think IVF is a sin? Who gives you that right? In fact, what in wrong with all of you dissenters? Someone of you claim that a child born out of IVF is not a child born out of love. What is even more preposterous is an individual's claim on this site is that an IVF baby's relationship with their parents is destroyed by IVF! Do you guys ever wonder what it is like to be the child that is born from IVF? Do you even care about what they have to say in the subject as it is clear to me that in your eyes, they shouldn't even exist. I am PROUD to say that I am a test tube baby, and my parents certainly did not "model" me to be a "god"! I'm just a regular person, no different from everyone else. My relationship with my parents is fantastic. I have never felt less connected with God or my family just because I am a test tube baby. I am truly, the epitome of normal.
      For future commenters, don't be so quick to judge parents who undergo IVF. Your views effect others, especially test tube children like me, regular people, just trying to live their lives.

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  73. 48 years as a Catholic but after finding out IVF is against the Catholic Church, well, it's time to find a new church! I agree with the anonymous post from 2/4/12. I will find a new church too. It's a slap in the face when you know there are issues and can't conceive. Why on earth would God be unhappy that we have children? So now my twins are sinners too in the eyes of the church? How hypocritical! I have so many friends that left the Catholic church from the archaic views etc. So I am supposed to do Penance for having two wonderful children as a result of IVF? I am NOT SORRY for having my children.

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  76. The very idea of IVF has ended our 2 1/2 year marriage. My wife, who is 43, never attempted to have children with me through normal means. Instead, she bought into the crazy idea of 'creating' a child in the lab. She was encouraged by the local fertility company that she had a more than decent chance of having a child through this process. I would have none of it! We were very much in love until the idea if IVF was introduced 10 months ago. I went on vacation to visit some old friends, and when I returned, she had moved out. All over an IVF treatment that never even happened! The idea replaced the love she had for me, I turned into a walking embodiment of the reason she could not have children. I had to respect and adhere to my religion.
    Funny thing is, she prays daily, and goes to church every Sunday. However, she never made an attempt to discuss this issue with a priest or therapist, she just left. That's the power these salesman doctors have over desperate women desiring children. She's 43, the crazy doctor who encouraged her should have his license revoked. She was never a good candidate for IVF. My wife has hired an attorney, and is filing for divorce. She had a 1.5% chance of producing a child, yet she still wanted to spend $12,000 to try!!


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