Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tonly Blair Correcting the Pope on Homosexuality

It has been reported that Tony Blair who became a Catholic on December 2007, and now he is correcting the Pope and telling Catholics what we must believe. That is amazing for a new convert, and one wonders at the motivations of his conversion. Why would he convert to a Church he disagrees with on many issues including its stand on homosexuality? For the record, before his conversion Blair had a clear proabortion record, and also supported embryonic stem cell research. The Prime Minister never once voted with the pro-life lobby and voted 14 times for the pro-choice lobby in Parliament. In 1990, during the debates leading up to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act, he voted on three occasions to extend the time limit for abortion to birth on grounds of handicap. In December 2000 he gave personal backing to regulations permitting stem-cell research on human embryos; and his government enthusiastically promoted the morning-after pill. On family issues the married-couples allowance has been abolished, funding has been switched from groups backing marriage to those taking a relaxed view of any kind of relationship, the benefits system has been changed to target all money for children regardless of family structure, etc., etc. Far from being morally neutral on the family, the Blair government has actively discriminated against it. His record on life and family issues has been horrible. In one of his outgoing speeches as Prime Minister, in September last year Blair said: "America does not want stem cell research, we do, we welcome it here." Blair was referring to embryonic stem cell research, which kills embryonic children in order to extract their stem cells. Why would he come into a Church he disagrees with on all these critical issues and leave his Anglican church which in facts holds the same beliefs that he sponsored during his government? That is beyond comprehension. And now that he is Catholic he wants to tell the Pope what to believe and what not to believe, he is even trying to teach Catholics how to interpret the Bible correctly, that is Blair' way. To me that is a sign of pride and a great lesson for all RCIA programs. We do not simply bring people into the Church, we must scrutinize all those seeking admission into the Church so that they truly adhere to what the Church OFFICIALLY believes and holds to be true. Even more so if that person is a POLITICIAN, since politicians tend to be manipulative and in great numbers lack integrity and humility. If that is not enough this particular politician was well known in advance to disagree with the Church on many issues. What a mistake!! Numbers are not important, we have tons of numbers, numbers is not a problem, what we need is FAITHFUL Catholics, this is what this world needs the most and what the Church needs the most. We do not need more dissenters, we do not need more voices of division, we do not need any more people trying to tell the Church that the Church is wrong and they are right, we do not need any more proud intellectuals, what we need is saints, what we need is humble people, what we need is holiness, what we need is men and women in love with Christ. We only have one Pope and that Pope is in Rome, not in England nor anywhere else.


  1. Wow, perhaps he and Nancy Pelosi should team up! With her reinterpreting historical teaching and Blair telling the Pope how to change future teaching, they would make quite the team.