Monday, April 20, 2009

Who are the Intolerants?

I do not follow beauty paegants, nor watch much TV either, but I was appalled to hear the commentaries by one of the Judges of the Miss USA pageant Perez Hilton, indicating that the answer of Miss California to the question about "HER OPINION" regarding same sex marriage had cost her the crown. So let me get this straight, according to Perez, since Miss California Carrie Prejean gave an answer according to her convictions regarding same sex marriage, then he voted against her. How INTOLERANT and simply stupid can that be? That is like asking her what you think about the President, and she said she did not agree with many of his policies, then that would mean she would lose the vote. It was not because her answer did not make sense, it was not because she was shallow, it was not because she did not know what she was talking about, it was simply because she happened to have a different opinion than the judge on this particular question, a view which in fact is the majority of the voters within the state of California, and even more so overwhelmingly the view of most Americans. So who is the intolerant? Who is the irrational? Who are the ones that are really close-minded? The answer is clear, the intolerants by experience are those who actively support the homosexual agenda. Here in the state of California, these same people vandalized Churches, and other establishments when proposition 8 was upheld, these are the people what advocate for tolerance and respect. Except that they will have it their way or no way. Their tactics have now turned to intimidation and media management, and they are doing a good job at silencing people, and even more so, they are doing a great job at belittling anybody who happens to oppose their depraved and corrupt agenda. How sad that even a pageant, is controlled by your views on homosexuality as dictated by many of the attendees to this kind of pageant rather than by beauty and common sense. Where has common sense gone??


  1. You're a priest, and you're spreading these disgusting lies about "vandalism"? Show me where, Father. Who, when, where, what. Police reports would be nice, but I'll take mainstream media reports (i.e., not the "Weekly World News" style of "reporting" from, etc.) Seriously, Father, prove your claims to this ex-Catholic. (And "homosexual agenda"? You should be ashamed of yourself. Some deep self-examination is in order.)

  2. Here are some links to articles that show how those who advanced the homosexual agenda INDEED vandalized Church property:
    Vandalism of a Catholic Church
    Vandalism of a Mormon Temple
    Other Churches

    And that is only a fraction of what they have done so far. So I do not know what kind of news sapphocrat has chosen to read, but even the media who in general has a prohommosexual agenda, could not escape reporting this. So I think the self-examination is indeed in order...

  3. Here is another video someone just sent me, regarding some homosexual activists who Shove Old Lady Around, Trample Cross

  4. Phyllis Burgess? You're citing Phyllis Burgess? She strode into the crowd waving her gigantic cross in the faces of those men, and even shoved a disabled man over. She even called the media ahead of time and told them to expect an event that night. She went there for a confrontation and did something similar a few weeks earlier. She is no victim.

  5. Well said, Fr. Fernando. You are right; what was done to Carrie Prejean was an act of intolerance. No amount of side-stepping the point can change that. And anyone who has not been aware of the media intimidation on this issue is not aware at all.