Saturday, January 10, 2009

College Football

After the win of Florida over OU, a lot of debate is going on about what team should be number one. Certainly Florida is a great team, but a lot of people are feeling unhappy especially in Utah after their team went undefeated and beat Alabama in their last game. But one thing is for sure the QB for Florida is one of the best men in the field, again not only for his athletic abilities that have already given him a Heissman Trophy but more importantly because of his commitment to his faith, a person that has helped the poor in many places and even lived among lepers for a while, to be another Christ to these people. He also had the audacity of playing while making a statement about his faith placing the JOHN 3:16 on his eye black for everybody to see. That requires courage and conviction. No matter what happens Tebow is a real winner, he chose the best, to be a man of God, a disciple of Christ.

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