Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inauguration Day

As we approach inauguration day I experience a certain feeling of dread. Perhaps I am one of the few that is not so enthused with Obama becoming president. I am amazed to read about the numbers that are expected for his inauguration, it is something amazing, if we talk about popularity, this is perhaps the most popular president in the history of the US at least at the beginning of his presidency. And I give him credit for that, he is certainly charming and that has attracted a lot of people, who have prefered charm to values. But as the day approaches I am reminded of the stark reality that is approaching all of us, the people of this country, and in fact the rest of the world. If he stands on his word, and follows through with his proposed policies to promote legalized abortion and fund all efforts to promote it, then we will be facing one of the darkest periods in human history. I have offered all sorts of prayers for him, one never knows, conversions are possible, but there is always that mystery called free will, and God will never force anybody to love Him or to love somebody else including the unborn. That is a mystery! Yes, I continue to pray, I also know that I need God's mercy as much or more than Obama does, we are all in need of Christ's grace to rescue us from the power of darkness. So I do not judge him, that is God's job, but I cannot remain silent before his proposed plans to continue to eliminate the most vulnerable in our society. God as always is triumphant no matter what happens, yet we invoke His mercy on us and on the whole country!


  1. Believe me, I'm not excited about Obama being president either...(I'm avoiding all things involving the inaguration)...I pray, I hope that the Light of Christ will inform his conscience not to sign FOCA or any anti-Life bill that may come to his desk.

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  3. Always spellcheck....
    I do not judge Obama but I judge his actions

    but I only fear God.....
    and like you said Father
    He is always triumphant...

  4. I can pray for his conversion, but I admit I cannot pray for his success. I can't pray for the success of anti-life or verging on socialist policies. That is not what the U.S.A. is about.

    Praise be to God that has come out with yet another excellent video clip to be shown in select markets (don't know where) on Inauguration Day. You MUST see it. Go to their website. It is only 45 seconds, yet says it ALL!!! --cas

  5. Thank you CAS, I saw the video that you mentioned, it is indeed good

  6. We must be CAREFUL not to be so righteous!