Monday, January 26, 2009

Unbiased Reporting on the Walk for Life 2009?

As I was googling the Walk for Life in San Francisco, 2009, most of the sites that came in my search had to do with the Counter-protesters, that is the pro-abortion people that came to the walk and stood on the sidewalks shouting all kinds of things to the peaceful prolife walkers. Noticed that I googled specifically Walk for Life 2009, and walk for life was listed fifth, right after all those counter-protestor sites. What amazed me the most was the fact that most of the pictures in the reports in the San Francisco area websites had to do with the counter-protesters

even this video

The idea that you get from this site is that the walk for life was not really about life but about the counter-protestors, like of the walk itself never took place. And then we talk about unbiased reporting in the media, what a joke!!

I also wonder if there is not only a bias in reporting, but also even a bias in the search mechanisms like google itself, just a question, not an affirmation!

Anyway, here was what I found for the official site of the Walk for Life:

Certainly a very different story.


  1. Notice how the prolife people look like normal, happy people that you would like to know!

    Also in the link for the video that Father left above is the quote, "There was less than 1/4 protestors compared to last year." I assume she is talking about the anti-life crowd since there are such big gaps on the sidewalk between people.

  2. I totally agree with Cas on how the pro-lifers look compared to the their protestors. I got a very eerie, dark feeling looking at the protestor pictures. But when I switched to the pro-life people it was like the sun came back out again. What a difference!

  3. CAS I am not sure, in some of those reports in the SF news the call protestors the PROLIFE people and COUNTER protestors the PROABORTION people. So I am not sure! In any case they always try to discredit the prolife efforts in whatever way they can.